Mulan moves again

Disney delays Mulan to August

Article Published on 29.06.2020

As soon as Warner Bros announced that they'd taken the tough decision to delay Christopher Nolan's Tenet again, it became a matter of when not if Disney would also be moving the release of Mulan. Over the weekend, suspicions were confirmed that the new live-action adaptation of the Chinese tale would also be coming to cinemas across the world in August. Director Niki Caro's epic adventure promises to light up the big screen with all sorts of wonder and magic and is now scheduled for August 21. Mulan and Tenet were the only major Hollywood blockbusters that coincided with the gradual reopening of UK cinemas throughout July, and the sad news of their delay has left the schedule looking very lean. The return to cinemas may well now rest on the success of relatively smaller titles, and there's quite a few to look forward to including Sony's feelgood rom-com The Broken Hearts Gallery, from executive producer Selena Gomez, Altitude's Unhinged, featuring a vengeful Russell Crowe; and Vertigo's SXSW award-winner Saint Frances among many others.