Back To The City

The timeless love story finds its way on to the big screen once again as one of cinema’s most decorated directors adapts one of its most beloved tales.

Article Published on 29.11.2021

Words Brody Rossiter

From director Steven Spielberg comes West Side Story, a cinematic celebration and fresh adaptation of the sensational 1957 Broadway musical.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s story of star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet, the story tells the tale of two teenagers, Tony and Maria, and their burgeoning romance amidst the streets of 1950s New York City. Unfortunately for the pair, they come from opposite sides of the streets, and gang allegiances stand between them and their newfound affections. As tensions grow between the warring Jets and Sharks, a violent end seems inevitable. Will young love be the casualty?

Spielberg has reminisced on how West Side Story was one of the most impactful movies of his childhood so fans can rest assured that while his new take on the treasured classic will bring it up to date for a modern audience, it will also stay true to the original and the famed musical numbers will remain.

With a talented mix of young actors, experienced stars, singers, and dancers harmonising with new arrangements of Leonard Bernstein’s original score from prolific composer David Newman, West Side Story is sure to have cinemagoers singing and dancing as it captures their hearts all over again.

Then & Now

Despite early word that Spielberg’s retelling sticks much more closely to the plot of the original stage musical, the cinematic legacy of the first filmic reimagining of the story undoubtedly still resonates with the director and audiences alike. The original film claimed ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress for Rita Moreno, who stunned audiences as Anita. Fans will be delighted to see Rita return both behind the camera as an executive producer, and onscreen in the role of Valentina; a reimagined take on the character of Tony’s corner store boss, Doc, who plays an integral part of the story.

West Side Story

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