Trolls World Tour Trailer

The Trolls are back and their world is about to get rocked in the first trailer for Trolls World Tour

Article Published on 25.11.2019

The trailer catches up with Poppy, Branch, and all your favourite Trolls from their first adventure as they live in musical bliss. But their peace and happiness is soon interrupted by the arrival of a hard-rocking Troll and the discovery that there aren’t alone in the Troll-iverse. There are in fact six different Troll tribes, each with their own genre of music: pop, funk, techno, country, classical, and rock. And it’s those hard rock Trolls who prove to be the most troublesome as their heavy metal leader Queen Barb plans to destroy all other types of music so rock can reign supreme. Get ready for the ultimate battle of the bands as Poppy, Branch, and their returning friends set out to unify all Trolls against Queen Barb to save their world.

Trolls World Tour

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