The Snowman New Trailer

The new, calculated trailer for The Snowman offers a refreshing change of pace

Article Published on 06.09.2017

Unlike the intense debut trailer, the new international trailer for Tomas Alfredson’s hotly-anticipated thriller slows things down but remains just as chilling. The character driven trailer reveals more insight into Michael Fassbender’s battle-scarred detective Harry Hole, new footage of the packed ensemble’s roles in the investigation, and yet more grisly insight into the killer’s chilling methods. There’s more beautiful imagery of the Scandinavian wilderness too but this calculated trailer is far from boring. As the investigation intensifies, so does the trailer, constantly building towards a fiery crescendo that’s sure to leave viewers longing for more.

The Snowman

Soon the first snow will come. Then he will kill again.CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE