The Lion King New Trailer

Glorious new trailer for The Lion King brings your favourite characters to life

Article Published on 10.04.2019

Unlike the first trailer, which played out as a shot-for-shot remake of the animated film, the stunning new trailer is sure to send shivers down the spine as we finally hear characters speak. Diving deeper into the story and the technology that’s bringing beloved characters to life, we witness Mufasa showing Simba what it takes to be a mighty king, a glimpse of Rafiki and other supporting characters, and the evil Scar who dominates the trailer. Voiced by a snarling Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mufasa’s malnourished and menacing brother is every bit the despicable villain we remember. But it’s not all doom and gloom as we’re treated to our first look at Billy Eichner’s Timon and Seth Rogen’s Pumbaa wimo-waying through the jungle.

More iconic shots and sequences practically come to life in the new trailer including shot-for-shot remakes of Simba’s coming-of-age montage, his reunion with Nala, and a longer look at the stampede sequence that’s guaranteed to leave us heartbroken and teary-eyed all over again.

The Lion King