New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

A roaring second Blade Runner 2049 trailer moves us closer to the truth

Article Published on 18.07.2017

While we’re gladly still kept in the dark as to the movie’s overall plot, the breathtaking new trailer reveals more than we’ve seen before. Not only are we treated to more of Roger Deakins’ rich, neon-lit visuals and that beautifully haunting score, we have more insight into Officer K’s mission, and how it leads to him Harrison Ford’s retired android-hunter Rick Deckard. The revealing trailer also gives us a better look at the rich support cast Denis Villeneuve has assembled, including Dave Bautista as a seemingly disguised-replicant, Jared Leto’s enigmatic villain Neander Wallace, and Robin Wright’s ice-cold administrator.

Blade Runner 2049

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