The Need For Speed

Tom Cruise takes to the skies as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the long-awaited sequel to the widely adored 1986 aviation actioner.

Article Published on 07.04.2022

Words Robb Sheppard

After more than thirty years of service, Maverick is back on the big screen where he belongs.

For those worried about preserving the legacy of such a treasured original, everything we’ve seen so far suggests that not a whole lot has changed for Maverick. He’s still not as observant of the chain of command as his superiors would like, he’s just as skilled when it comes to unauthorised flybys, and he still spends his downtime playing volleyball.

What has changed though, is those around him. While Val Kilmer’s Ice Man is set to return, Maverick’s love Charlie won’t be as Jennifer Connelly joins the stellar supporting cast as (the) Penny Benjamin - the local bar owner famous for a romantic run in with Maverick. Will they find a loving feeling? Also added to the mix is Miles Teller’s Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of Maverick’s late co-pilot Goose, who has just joined the new recruits at Maverick’s flight school. Hot-headed and brash, Rooster is much more of a Maverick than his mild-mannered father which makes his relationship with his new mentor all the more intriguing.

With a new generation of pilots under his wing, Maverick lifts off on a death-defying mission that will see him confront his deepest fears and possibly bring him some sought-after closure as Top Gun returns to take our breath away once again.

You Ain't Seen Top Gun?

You've Lost That Loving Feeling!

It’s not just in the cockpit where Maverick is unconventional. His go-to courting technique involves impromptu karaoke in a packed-out bar. A bad impression at first, but he gets the girl in the end.

Ice To Meet You

An ice cool Val Kilmer is Maverick’s nemesis and competition for the Top Gun trophy. Whilst Ice Man gets the gold, it’s Maverick who later saves his life in combat and earns the man-hug of respect.

RIP Goose

Maverick flies by the seat of his pants and regularly breaks the rules of engagement to get the jump on his competition. His luck runs out, however, and results in the death of his wingman and best friend, Goose.

Top Gun: Maverick

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