Avatar 2 Title Announced

Announced at CinemaCon, Avatar: The Way Of Water will take audiences back to Pandora this December.

Article Published on 28.04.2022

Fans have been waiting with bated breath ever since a return visit to the vibrant and action-filled world James Cameron created in his sensational record-breaking spectacle, but after so many years with very few updates, they were left wondering if the Avatar sequels would ever see the light of day. Now, revealed during Disney’s showcase at CinemaCon, Avatar 2 has a full title, a brief synopsis, and an official logo. The first of four promised sequels will take audiences back to Pandora for a reunion with Jake Sully and his family as their incredible adventure continues. James Cameron is back in the director's chair to show us more of his world with dazzling visual effects that will somehow surpass the standards set by its predecessor. Avatar: The Way Of Water is coming to cinemas on December 16.

Avatar: The Way Of Water