Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

Gal Gadot gets ready for an all-new era of wonder in the oh-so-eighties trailer for Wonder Woman 1984

Article Published on 09.12.2019

Diana Prince returns to the DC universe, but she’s not battling aliens during World War One or anywhere near modern-day Gotham anymore. Instead she’s been dropped into a new decade, one defined by big hair, bold fashion, and Blue Monday by New Order. But it’s not all synthesisers and shopping malls as the trailer reveals what the eighties has in store for our heroine. Gal Gadot’s return to the title role as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman won’t be a surprise to fans, but her reunion with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor will surely raise a few eyebrows as he makes a mysterious return following his death in the previous film. As well as facing her own personal battles, Wonder Woman 1984 will also see her go up against two new villains in the form of businessman Maxwell Lord, played by The Mandalorian himself Pedro Pascal, and The Cheetah, one of the superhero’s longest-standing foes who is brought from comic book to big screen by Kristen Wiig. There isn’t much revealed regarding plot and not a lot of action, but there is one eye-catching reveal as Wonder Woman proves that in this all-new era of wonder she can fit right in with the glitz and glamour as she reveals an all-gold suit of armour.

Wonder Woman 1984

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