Lightning Strikes Twice

After the events of Infinity War, Thor struggles to find his place in the universe. Faced with a new enemy far stronger than the Mad Titan, he calls upon some old friends and an old flame for help.

Article Published on 22.06.2022

Words Chris Wasey

Thor Odinson – heir to the throne of Asgard, Thanos-slayer, almighty Avenger, the God Of Thunder – is in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

Having endured the destruction of his entire world, the deaths of his father, Odin, and brother, Loki, and his failure to kill Thanos, Thor suffered five long years of depression when half the universe snapped away. After eating himself into less than godly shape, Thor returned to heroism. Now, with the Mad Titan avenged, he begins a new chapter… only for a new galactic-level threat to emerge.

Described by director Taika Waititi as “the best villain Marvel has ever seen,” Gorr The God Butcher – played with sneering relish by Christian Bale – has decreed that all Gods should be put to death and blazes his vengeance across the cosmos.

Interrupting his quest for peace, Thor isn’t prepared to face him alone and assembles some mighty allies from the MCU: Korg, the rocky companion he befriended during the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions; Valkyrie, the ruler of New Asgard; and the Guardians Of The Galaxy. In one final twist of fate, Thor’s journey of self-discovery also sparks a reunion with his hammer Mjolnir, that’s not only been reforged, but is now wielded by his old love, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster.

After creating one of the MCU’s most unique entries with Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi returns fully unleashed, turning the whimsical comedy and saturated action palette up to eleven in a glam-rock, eighties-inspired action-comedy-romance.

The Many-Faced God

From his first appearance as a fantastical fish out of water, Thor has arguably seen more change than any other MCU character. He arrives as an otherworldly being trying to make sense of Midgard, before becoming a battle-craving God Of War broodily dispensing justice in The Dark World.

Ragnarok unleashes Fun Thor and the full might of the God Of Thunder, who makes an electrifying return in Infinity War armed with a new weapon, Stormbreaker. Fat Thor appears in Endgame, mentally broken by defeat, but stepping up to stop Thanos once and for all. Now, as Thor searches the stars for a new identity, an entirely new entity emerges to take up his mantle.

Natatlie Portman returns as Thor’s former human love interest Jane Foster who wields a reforged Mjolnir and Asgardian powers of her own as the Mighty Thor.

Thor: Love And Thunder

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