The King’s Man Poster And Trailer

Ralph Fiennes and co get ready for war in the new trailer for The King’s Man

Article Published on 30.09.2019

Turning back the clock to reveal the formation of the world’s first independent intelligence agency, The King’s Man is something of a departure from the previous films, but the action-packed trailer ensures we should still expect the same style director Matthew Vaughan wowed us with. Much of the plot remains classified, but the explosive new trailer sees Ralph Fiennes’ Kingsman founder teaming up with Gemma Arterton, Djimon Honsou, and new recruit Harris Dickinson to stop a motley crew of history’s worst tyrants from starting a war that will wipe out millions. When it comes to taking down the likes of Rasputin, their cunning needs to be as sharp as their weapons and the trailer sees them testing a brand-new invention called a parachute.

The King's Man

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