The King's Man First Trailer

Brand new trailer for Kingsman prequel goes back to where it began to reveal what maketh The King’s Man

Article Published on 15.07.2019

The next chapter in the Kingsman franchise journeys back to the early 1900s, during the First World War, to follow the events that led to the creation of the secret service. Matthew Vaughn, the man who brought Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons comic book to the mainstream with his surprise hit and also directed the sequel, returns to take the helm of his third film in the franchise, but one that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. With an all-new cast, a new time period, and an entirely different style and tone, Vaughn is taking us down an unexplored avenue of the franchise with the first film in a line of standalone projects set within the same universe; with a Statesman spin-off, a television series, and a third film continuing the adventures of Eggsy are all in the works. Ralph Fiennes steps into the Colin Firth mentor role as T.E. Lawrence and Harris Dickinson’s Conrad as his understudy. While plot details remain top secret, we do know that in addition to Fiennes’ character The King’s Man will include several real-life historical figures portrayed by an all-star cast including Liam Neeson as Herbert Kitchener, Daniel Brühl as Felix Yusupov, Gemma Arterton as Mata Hari, and Rhys Ifans as the Grigori Rasputin.

The King's Man

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