The Boss Baby 2: Family Business Trailer

The Templeton brothers are back, but there's a new Boss Baby of the family in the first trailer for their sequel

Article Published on 24.11.2020

The first look at the sequel to the film families fell in love with three years ago is here to catch us up with brothers Tim and Ted in a very different age; their middle age. In the years since we first met them, the Templeton brothers have not only done a lot of growing up, they’ve also grown apart with Tim now a stay-at-home dad and Ted a successful businessman. But a brand-new addition to the family brings the brothers back together for an action-packed and hilarious reunion. When Tim and his wife’s new infant Tina turns out to be in the family business as a top-secret agent for BabyCorp, the bickering brothers stop their silly squabbling for superiority as she firmly sets herself as the new Boss Baby of the family. Tina has just as much attitude as her uncle, and plenty of gadgets too, including an incredible formula that can turn adults back into babies for forty-eight hours. And it’s this magical formula that transforms Tim and Ted back into their former selves so they can help Tina on her mission to thwart Dr Edwin Armstrong and his army of ninja babies. Alec Baldwin is back to voice Boss-Baby-turned-Boss-Adult Theodore Templeton and is joined by an exciting line-up of newcomers including James Marsden as his big brother Tim, Eva Longoria as Tim’s wife Carol, Ariana Greenblatt as their super-smart seven-year-old daughter Tabitha, and Amy Sedaris as the brand-new Boss Baby Tina. Rounding out an exciting voice cast is none other than Jeff Goldblum who stars as the mysterious founder of Tabitha’s school.

The Boss Baby 2: Family Business