The Loveable Rogue

Cinema’s favourite scoundrel leads the second anthology spin-off where the young smuggler must outrun the Empire, befriend a fuzz-ball, and win a ship that can do the Kessel-run in 12 parsecs.

Article Published on 16.05.2018

Long before Luke, the Death Star, or the Force, Han Solo had no idea of the destiny that awaited him.

A brash delinquent. Kicked out of flight academy. He's wasting his life running petty street scams.

But opportunity knocks when a mysterious stranger recruits him as part of a galaxy-spanning heist. Han - already a galactic legend in his own mind - is finally given a chance to prove his potential as a pilot, and he'll need to be the best with Paul Bettany's galactic gangster Dryden Vos and the newly formed Empire on his tail.

Chronologically, this is the earliest entry into the Star Wars canon, revealing the origins of many of the franchise’s most loved friendships. We see how Han and Chewie became such famous friends, learn how Lando loses the Millennium Falcon, and witness Han navigate his first relationship.

Directed by Hollywood legend Ron Howard, this is the first chance for Star Wars to work outside its usual style; an inter-galactic caper that reflects the fun, roguish charm of its protagonist and puts Han's humour at centre stage.

Solo's Scoundrels

A crew of scoundrels and rogues, this is what we know about Solo’s new comrades.

Lando Calrissian

A rival and friend, the two arrogant young men butt heads at the start of the mission. Bonding over a shared love for gambling, a certain ship may come to change hands…

Tobias Becket

Tobias leads the mission and personally recruited each of its members. A mysterious figure with a lifetime of criminal experience, he's the perfect mentor for the impressionable Mr Solo.


A galactic femme fatale and childhood friend of Han Solo who, having grown up together as partners in crime, will come to harden the heart that will later fall for Leia.

Solo: A Star Wars Story