New Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster And Trailer

Look out! A brand new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster and trailer has hit the web

Article Published on 24.05.2017

Spider-Man is trapped between Iron Man and Vulture in a dramatic new poster that highlights Homecoming’s central conflict where Peter will find himself torn between having the power to stop a menacing new villain from terrorising New York but the responsibility to stay safe as his new mentor has instructed.

The trailer will also be of interest to fans as it appears Peter Parker is no longer a keen photographer but a vlogger instead; a contemporary twist that’s sure to fit with today’s audience. The phone footage offers a comic look at his dramatic entrance in Captain America: Civil War before switching to traditional format to showcase the high-octane set pieces, Stark tech, and many conflicts our young hero will face as he negotiates his new life as a rookie Avenger.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

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