New Justice League Trailer

Steppenwolf steps in as a thundering final trailer reveals the Justice League villain

Article Published on 27.10.2017

Other than the ominous, earth-shaking voice over in previous trailers, the world-ending DC villain, portrayed by Ciarán Hinds, hasn’t been seen, until now. First witnessed by Lex Luthor in a deleted scene from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Steppenwolf is the new powerful villain spearheading the impending alien invasion that forces Batman and Wonder Woman to rally a team of meta-humans to fight back. The trailer also shows off more of the camaraderie between the heroes that, when twinned with the surprisingly colourful poster that arrived recently, reconfirms DC and Warner Bros’ refreshingly different approach for what promises to be their most action-packed but lighthearted comic book movie yet.

Justice League

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