United They Stand

DC's fast-tracked cinematic universe comes to a head in a battle to fight injustice, whether its heroes are ready to or not

Article Published on 13.11.2017

It's fair to say that for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, the road to building a superhero universe has been quite a rocky one.

While 2013's Man Of Steel staved off the Superman Returns-naysayers, the gloom-and-doom seriousness of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad simply didn't connect with audiences critically, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of creating a world full of heroes we could rally behind.

With self-confessed comic book nerd Joss Whedon recently taking over the directorial reigns, the responsibility now falls to Justice League to get this cinematic venture back on track and give fans an unlikely team that can kick ass in the effort to fight injustice.

Bringing our heroes together is the oncoming threat of Steppenwolf, a Justice League villain from way back who very much looks set to be a more formidable foe this time around.

Complete with otherworldly abilities and an army of Parademons at his disposal, Steppenwolf will have to face off against Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman, but the Justice League will need to overcome their differences to succeed, however stacked the odds might be.

A League Of Their Own


The Dark Knight needs no introduction, heading up the crew using his calm and calculated approach to save Gotham City and use any bat-centric gadget he can lay hands on.

Wonder Woman

The daughter of Zeus, armour-clad Amazonian princess Wonder Woman hails from the hidden island of Themyscira, symbolising strength and honesty.


Half-man/half-machine Cyborg is a tortured DC hero who's no stranger to teamwork. A valued member of the Teen Titans.


Infinitely fast and fun-loving, the Flash just might be the Justice League's most powerful hero. He can turn back time, after all.


Yes, he talks to fish and surfs in his spare time, but Aquaman will go to any length to protect his home city of Atlantis.

Justice League

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