Mission: Impossible – Fallout Official Trailer

The thrilling trailer for the sixth instalment of the spy series delivers all the impossible action we were promised

Article Published on 05.02.2018

The successful spy series has gone from strength to strength like no other action franchise and as Tom Cruise promised on Instagram the ante has certainly been upped as they bid to outdo themselves once more. The first full trailer, which debuted during the Super Bowl on Sunday, showcases the impossible situations Ethan Hunt endures as the IMF team face the fallout from his "good intentions".

We've already seen Tom Cruise hanging from a helicopter in the film’s signature set piece, but the action-packed trailer reveals so much more as the adrenaline-fuelled action star is seen suffering metal-mangling crashes, bone-shattering rooftop chases, rib-pummeling fist fights, and many, many more death-defying stunts.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

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