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A fashion designer flashes back in time to London during the Swinging Sixties and gets tangled in a twisted tale of murder and mystery in Edgar Wright’s psychological thriller.

Article Published on 16.08.2021

Words Robb Sheppard

They say that if you can remember the 1960s, you weren’t really there. The same can’t be said for Thomasin McKenzie’s Eloise; an introverted fashion student who somehow forms a strange, supernatural bond with Anya Taylor-Joy’s Sandy, a fame-hungry singer who lives sixty years in the past. Before long, the connection between the two deepens, dredging up horrors from the past that spill out into the future. That’s when things get really weird.

Last Night In Soho also stars a malicious-looking Matt Smith alongside a slew of sixties stars including Terence Stamp and Rita Tushingham as well as the late Margaret Nolan and Diana Rigg. London looks lush redressed in sixties splendour and you just know that the soundtrack is going to be killer too.

Written and directed by Edgar Wright of The Cornetto Trilogy and Baby Driver fame, this psychological thriller is a stylistic departure from his quick-cut, rhythmic, comedic directorial style but is accompanied by the same expectation that he’ll deliver yet another slice of fried gold. With The Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy and rising star Thomasin McKenzie as his leading ladies, the chances are we’ll be left wanting more than one night in Soho.

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Last Night In Soho

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