Jungle Cruise Poster And Trailer

Another Disney theme park ride becomes a blockbuster in the first look at Disney’s Jungle Cruise

Article Published on 14.10.2019

Following the likes of Pirates Of The Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Tomorrowland, Disney’s Jungle Cruise continues the tried and tested tradition of turning their theme park rides into big-budget cinematic endeavours. The trailer introduces Emily Blunt's Lily Houghton, a scientist/adventurer crafted from the Indiana Jones/Lara Croft mould who is seeking a mythical tree in the Amazon rainforest that's believed to hold miraculous healing powers. But to get there, she will need a boat and someone to captain it. With nowhere else to turn, she enlists the help of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Frank who has been swindling tourists for years with his cheap and ramshackle riverboat tour. As they embark on their incredible adventure, it all appears to be fun and games, until they discover that as well as magical trees of myth there are many much darker legends and sinister secrets hidden within the jungle.

Jungle Cruise