English Strikes Again

Third time's the charm for Rowan Atkinson's bumbling secret agent, now struggling to find his footing while serving Queen and country amidst the digital age.

Article Published on 24.09.2018

James Bond cliches are set to be shaken and stirred once more in Johnny English Strikes Again, the third entry in everyone's favourite spy spoof series.

Having already saved the Chinese Premier from international assassins and prevented a corrupt French entrepreneur from claiming the throne, Johnny is called out of retirement yet again, this time to help unearth a mysterious cyberhacker intent on revealing the identities of undercover MI7 agents all over the world.

Anyone who's witnessed his previous adventures, however, can expect English to do so in only the most catastrophic way possible, with Rowan Atkinson's skill for physical comedy once again remaining centre stage. Thankfully, the man for all seasons won't be alone when tackling this latest disastrous plot.

Joining the fun this time around is Quantum Of Solace Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson as the British PM, and Ben Miller, who makes his long-awaited return as Johnny's all-too-faithful assistant, Bough. After all, Johnny will need all of the help he can get!

It’s been a whopping seven years since Johnny English Reborn, so the new hijinks and mishaps this secret agent sequel promises are long overdue.

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Johnny English Strikes Again