Halloween Kills Teaser

Get your first look at Halloween Kills, now releasing October 2021

Article Published on 09.07.2020

Set in the immediate aftermath of 2018’s Halloween, the teaser of its sequel and the second part of the rebooted trilogy catches up with our three heroines – Laurie Strode, her daughter Karen, and granddaughter Allyson – as they flee the burning building they trapped Michael Myers inside. But as the previous film’s post-credits scene indicated, Michael is alive. And now, as firefighters rush to extinguish the flames, there’s a real chance he will survive and set out to hunt them down again. Fans have been waiting a significant time to get their first look at Halloween Kills, and they’ll be pleased with what’s been revealed so far. But there will also be sadness as the release of the teaser arrives with the sad news that the film has been pushed back a year to October 2021. The statement released by creator John Carpenter and director David Gordon Green details their reasons for the delay and reassures fans that they hope to share their unforgettable horror experience under the ideal circumstances.

Halloween Kills

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