First Man Trailer

Epic new trailer for First Man highlights the cost of the most dangerous mission in history

Article Published on 12.09.2018

The first trailer for La La Land director Damien Chazelle’s retelling of the moon landing centred on NASA and the tense mission. Now, a new trailer has launched to reveal the human drama at the heart of the story, focussing on Ryan Gosling’s stern and courageous Neil Armstrong and how his mission affected his family – specifically his sons and wife Janet. Not only does the trailer highlight the incredible sacrifices Armstrong was forced to make but also the perils that awaited him at every turn even in preparing for the supremely dangerous mission. The intense trailer follows Armstrong through his rigorous training, sees him escape death as a Lunar Landing Research Vehicle crashes into a fireball, and joins him as he lifts off for space not knowing whether he’ll ever come back.

First Man

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