Bombshell Poster And Trailer

The women of Fox News prepare for a war in the fresh look at Bombshell

Article Published on 16.10.2019

The teaser trailer gave us a taste of tension in a wonderfully-executed, near-silent sequence as they shared a tense elevator ride. Now, the drama is ramped up with a full trailer that reveals just how toxic the environment was at Fox News. Once again showcasing the remarkable costumes, makeup, and accurate performances, the new trailer opens as Nicole Kidman’s Gretchen Carlson calls out and exposes the sickening misogyny she suffers working as a Fox News anchor and begins legal proceedings against its seedy founder Roger Ailes, who’s brought to the screen by an almost unrecognisable John Lithgow. Then we’re better introduced to Margot Robbie’s Kayla Pospisil, a fictional young producer created from the stories of several women who have since come forward. A new employee at Fox, she soon finds herself suffering from Ailes’ sickening sexual misconduct in a disgusting sequence where he suggests she must prove herself to be “loyal” to pursue a career on camera. As the newsroom becomes divided and the women of Fox News go to war, Charlize Theron’s Megyn Kelly engages in a public spat with then-presidential-candidate Donal Trump.


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