DC's Diana

As the DCEU continues to grow, the most powerful woman in comic book lore gets her big screen debut.

Article Published on 29.05.2017

First introduced as part of DC superhero throw-down Batman v Superman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman stole nearly every scene she was in.

Now in her first standalone movie, Diana Prince of Themyscira’s origins are revealed. Raised in a sheltered island paradise, she’s been trained from a young age as an Amazonian warrior. But just as Diana begins to discover the true extent of her powers, their island’s peaceful life is shattered by a crash-landed American pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, aka Captain Kirk), who speaks of a war consuming the outside world.

Believing she can use her powers to help end the conflict, she travels with Trevor to a battered Europe as World War I rages on. Witnessing the darkness and brutality of our “modern” society, Diana begins to understand the true nature of her calling.

Patty Jenkins is known for creating strong, complex female characters in Monster and Netflix’s The Killing, and is the first female director of a major comic book release. Here she stays true to the DCEU’s darker tones and ethereal action, while lending genuine levity to Diana and Trevor’s interactions.

Diana Through the Decades

Created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman made her debut in December and seven months later, her first comic was released. Her superpower was the lasso of truth.

After Marton’s death, DC strips Wonder Woman of her powers – she becomes a model and a babysitter.

DC rebrands Diana as a spy-like figure. She still has no powers, but gets to wear trousers and psychedelic clothing.

With the release of the TV show starring Lynda Carter, Diana Prince is re-developed into the ‘modern’ incarnation we know today.

American comics go sexy - Wonder Woman is no exception.

Now styled in line with the burgeoning DCEU, Wonder Woman gets a new origin story focusing on female empowerment. Writer Greg Rucka claims she is bisexual.

Wonder Woman

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