Back In Black

Tom Hardy merges with an alien symbiote in the darkest superhero franchise yet. Fuelled by unbridled rage and power beyond measure, Venom must battle an even darker enemy lurking in the shadows.

Article Published on 24.09.2018

In a New York that’s both dark and threatening,   rage and violence are the true currency for survival. No web-slinger here, Peter Parker isn’t hero enough for this world.

The Life Foundation, run by enigmatic philanthropist Dr Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), discovers the “symbiotes” - black goo of alien origin - and merges it with human subjects believing it to be the future of human evolution.

Journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is investigating the Life Foundation’s shadier practices. Sneaking into a laboratory, he comes into contact with the substance. Pursued by security forces, on instinct he unleashes his new powers - near infinite strength, regeneration, and shapeshifting his body into tentacle-like weapons. Now on the run, Brock and Venom battle for control as they’re being hunted, not just by humans but other symbiotes, with increasingly deranged psychosis and unbridled volatility.

A symbiosis of Batman’s grittier aesthetic and Deadpool’s adult content, this world is built from scratch, a world superhero fans have been crying out for - and Venom is the anti-hero it deserves.

Deadly Venom

A raging, complex antihero, Venom is Peter Parker’s antithesis. His comic debut was in 1988 - and since then he has leapfrogged Green Goblin and Doc Ock to become Spiderman’s archnemesis. But fan adulation for this powerful, alien villain is a double-edged sword, as witnessed a decade ago. First appearing in 2008’s Spiderman 3, played by Topher Grace, director Sam Raimi later admitted that he had not wanted Venom to appear, citing a limited interest in the character - but the studio bowed to fan pressure, and Venom was “shoehorned” in. The result was a muddled, fan-derided failure of the character. Brought to screen by Hardy’s A-list talent - with all the brutish charm of Bronson and Bane - here the eponymous villain can finally take his place at centre stage as the ultimate anti-hero.


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