Turning Red Trailer

The full trailer for Turning Red arrives as Disney and Pixar unleash a totally different beast of coming-of-age tale.

Article Published on 17.11.2021

Meet Mei Lee, voiced by Rosalie Chang, a seemingly ordinary thirteen-year-old who like pretty much every girl her age is all about bonding with her besties, fangirling over her favourite boy band, and being best in her class. But, as we know from the teaser, Mei is anything but ordinary. The first look at the film saw Mei transform into a giant red panda due to being embarrassed by her loving, slightly overbearing mother, now the full trailer arrives to tell us why. As it turns out, Mei belongs to a family that has a mysterious connection to the animal and upon reaching adolescence will now turn into a beast whenever she feels strong emotions. The trailer sees Mei reveal her miraculous discovery to her friends and begin trying to navigate the changes she’s experiencing while coming to terms with the new Mei. From the director of Pixar’s Oscar-winning short, Bao, Turning Red promises to be a completely different beast of a coming-of-age story and will burst into cinemas on March 11.