Terminator: Dark Fate New Trailer

An ultra-violent trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate brings Arnie back to his best

Article Published on 02.09.2019

The first trailer revealed that the new film would ignore all recent movies and serve as a direct sequel to T2. Set in the aftermath of Judgment Day, Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor encounters a cybernetically enhanced human hybrid who reveals that her efforts to stop Skynet from becoming self-aware and hunting humanity to extinction were futile. To stop Skynet once and for all, and help protect a young girl who is being hunted by a new modified liquid metal Terminator, she must call upon an old friend. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to his iconic role as The Terminator to again team up with Connor, but it’s clear there’s no love lost between them as she greets him with a shotgun and promises to kill him once their mission is complete. Just how much Arnie would feature in the new film was unclear, but the new all-action trailer suggests it’s much more than a cameo as he’s seen training the young girl to protect herself and getting his hands dirty face to face with the new T-1000. The trailer is brimming with action, violence, and gore as Deadpool director Tim Miller takes the franchise back to its R-rated roots.

Terminator: Dark Fate