Spies In Disguise Poster And Trailer

Tom Holland turns Will Smith into a pigeon in the fresh look at their animated espionage adventure

Article Published on 02.07.2019

Showing off the hilarious body-swapping hijinks at the heart of the narrative, the new poster and second trailer for Spies In Disguise expands on its funny, inventive, and downright bonkers premise. Will Smith takes the starring role as super suave superspy Lance Sterling who is accidentally transformed into a pigeon thanks to his company’s tech prodigy Walter Beckett, voiced by Tom Holland. While a pigeon’s natural ability to blend in with any urban environment and travel anywhere certainly has all the hallmarks of the perfect spy cover, it does unfortunately come with a substantial burden: that Sterling must now live as an actual pigeon and, as it appears in the trailer, it may be irreversible as Beckett has yet to create a cure.

Spies In Disguise