Ready Player One Trailer and Poster

Jump into the OASIS for a deeper look at what the virtual world holds

Article Published on 12.12.2017

Clearly inspired by its young adult novel origins, the new retro-look poster extends an invitation to a better reality: one that our young hero gladly accepts.

Wade Watts introduces himself in a one-of-a-kind trailer that delivers more story detail, stunning visuals of the virtual world, a first-look at Mark Rylance as the OASIS' Willy Wonka-like founder, and more pop culture references than you can count.

From DeLoreans and Tron Lightcycles and King Kong to The Iron Giant, the OASIS is a place where anything can and will happen. As the epic hunt for Halliday’s Easter egg begins, the virtual world also becomes a place where young Wade can live up to the heroic expectations of his name.

Ready Player One

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