Peter Rabbit 2 New Trailer

Brand-new trailer for Peter Rabbit 2 brings the makeshift family back for a wild adventure

Article Published on 16.01.2020

Catching up with all of the colourful cast of characters from the first film, the new trailer for the Peter Rabbit sequel sees Rose Byrne’s Bea and Domhall Gleeson’s Thomas looking to take the next step in their relationship. Tired of being blamed for every bit of mischief and with the prospect of the pitter-patter of human paws putting Peter’s perfect life at risk, he believes it’s time he and his fellow animals flew the nest. James Corden is back in the title role as the trailer sees Peter lead the rest of the animals on their wildest adventure yet as they travel by train towards the big city and all it beholds, including a farmer’s market full of delicious treats. But when Peter’s wild side and unique knack for getting into trouble endangers his family and gets them captured, he must return home to rope Bea, Thomas, and the remaining animals into pulling off a daring rescue mission that will send them speeding into car chases, making waves in a boat, and taking skydiving to all-new extremes.

Peter Rabbit 2

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