No Time To Die New Trailer

The new all-action trailer for No Time To Die explodes online

Article Published on 03.09.2020

A brand-new poster debuted yesterday delighting Bond fans by not only channelling a classic Bond look but also by confirming the November release date and announcing a new trailer was on the way. Just as promised, the second trailer arrives with thrilling new footage from the twenty-fifth Bond film. Set to the classic Bond music, the new trailer is jam-packed with explosive action sequences and brings a better look at No Time To Die’s narrative and its key players. There’s Daniel Craig back in action for his fifth and final appearance as Bond, Ana de Armas dispatching enemies with double-kicks, Lashana Lynch’s new double-o giving Bond a run for his money, and of course, Safin. This is our best look yet at Rami Malek’s cool and calculated villain, and he appears to be a much more complex character than your run-of-the-mill Bond bad guy. The lines between good and evil will become blurred as Bond faces his most dangerous and difficult mission yet – one that promises to change everything. No Time To Die arrives in UK cinemas on November 12.

No Time To Die

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