New Monster Hunter Trailer

An explosive new trailer for the Milla Jovovich actioner arrives as Sony confirms a 2021 cinema release

Article Published on 18.12.2020

Unlike the first trailer which was more focussed on introducing the parallel world and the modern-day characters who have been thrust into it to newcomers, this new trailer feels much more aimed at fans of the original video games. From iconic weaponry and costumes to a sneak peek at the beloved Felyne companion characters known as Palicoes, there’s so much on show for fans as the Cacom RPG roars into life. But that’s not to say there isn’t enough to get everyone’s blood pumping as the trailer turns up the volume and treats us with more stunning action set pieces, even more outrageous CGI, and a better look at each of the terrifying creatures that inhabit this monster world. There's also more enjoyable banter between Milla Jovovich’s badass Captain Artemis and Tony Jaa’s charismatic and kickass Hunter as the pair team up to tackle the dangers of the world together. The trailer arrives with confirmation that the film is still set for a cinema release in 2021, but a specific date is still unknown.

Monster Hunter

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