Monster Hunter Trailer

Milla Jovovich goes toe to toe with ancient terrors in the epic trailer for Monster Hunter

Article Published on 14.10.2020

Transporting audiences to another world that lies parallel to our own, the thrilling trailer plunges Milla Jovovich and her military unit into a hostile alien planet that’s home to fearsome monsters. The Resident Evil star is no stranger to tackling grotesque ghouls and looks back to her badass best as she charges into the leading role of Captain Artemis who faces off against ancient abominations. Jovovich is supported by T.I. Harris, Meagan Good, Jin Au-Yeung, Josh Helman, and Diego Boneta who star as Artemis’ unit of soldiers who face an enemy the likes of which they’ve never seen before. The trailer also gives a glimpse of the mysterious Hunter, Tony Jaa’s bone-bow-wielding character who appears to be native to this world and holds the key to their survival. Bringing the beloved video game franchise to life, Monster Hunter is pulling no punches and the sheer scale of the action and computer-generated creatures is enough to send pulses racing.

Monster Hunter

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