Mrs Harris Goes To Paris Trailer

Lesley Manville embarks on an adventure to buy the dress of her dreams in the first look at the feel-good comedy.

Article Published on 28.04.2022

Taking us back to the 1950s, the whimsical trailer introduces the BAFTA and Academy Award-nominated actress as the titular Ada Harris, a humble, hardworking housekeeper and war widow who dreams of one day owning a Dior dress. Still coming to terms with the loss of her husband, Ada also grapples with the fact that her meagre earnings means she’ll never be able to afford such extravagance. That is until she discovers that she’s entitled to a significant sum of money. Empowered by her sudden windfall, she jumps at the opportunity to put her days on her hands and knees behind her and plans a grand adventure to Paris to purchase the Dior dress she’s always dreamed of. The trailer follows Mrs Harris through the highs and lows of her grand European adventure with plenty of fish-out-of-water fun, heaps of emotion, and an eclectic cast of characters she meets a long the way. Showcasing the support cast, we see Jason Isaacs as Ada’s close friend Archie, Isabelle Huppert as the deliciously wicked Claudine, Lambert Wilson as the charming Marquis de Chassagne, and Lucas Bravo and Alba Baptista as a young couple who Mrs Harris has a few life lessons for. Breathing new life into a beloved story, Mrs Harris Goes To Paris promises to bring something to make audiences feel good to cinemas September 30.

Mrs Harris Goes To Paris

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