Breaking Free

When Ryan Reynolds' boring bank teller discovers he’s living inside a violent video game, he decides to change his fate to save the city. But can this average Guy become the hero his whole world needs?

Article Published on 17.06.2021

Words Chris Wasey

For those not versed in gamer speak, NPC means non-player character: mindless automatons that populate a video game’s world and serve as cannon fodder for casual gamers. They’re the least important people of any story, and the furthest thing from a hero…until now!

Guy is an NPC in the virtual world of Free City, but he doesn’t know it. He’s a bank teller stuck in a Groundhog Day existence and oblivious to the brutality that breaks out each day. Car chases, machine gun fire, fighter jets dog-fighting overhead, and explosions - Guy doesn’t bat an eyelid. It’s just not in his programming.

But when a chance encounter with Molotov Girl - the avatar of one of the game’s original programmers, played by Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer - opens his eyes to the world around him, Guy gains the courage to break free from his routine.

With the game’s arrogant executive developer, played by Taika Waititi, threatening to pull the plug and delete his world forever, Guy becomes a legend in-game and out as he bends the game’s reality and leads his fellow NPCs on a fight for freedom.

Break your boredom by escaping to a digital world of epicness when this hilarious all-action comedy boots up in cinemas soon.



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