Captain Marvel Trailer

Captain Marvel crashes, literally, onto the MCU scene with an epic trailer for her one-of-a-kind origin story

Article Published on 19.09.2018

Captain Marvel’s presence in the MCU was teased in Infinity War’s dramatic post-credits scene as Nick Fury called her before crumbling under Thanos’ grand plan. However, before we see her role in saving the Avengers and Co in the upcoming Infinity War sequel, there’s an origin story to tell, but as the trailer reveals this isn’t your typical origin story. After immediately establishing a 90s setting as Brie Larson’s Carole Danvers comes crashing, literally, into a Blockbuster Video store, she meets a young, two-eyed Nick Fury, played by an uncomfortably de-aged Samuel L. Jackson. Already bestowed with incredible powers, Captain Marvel struggles to remember her time on Earth before she became part of a Kree military unit known as Starforce who have sent her to Earth to battle invading, shape-shifting Skrulls.

Captain Marvel

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