Bumblebee Trailer

OG Optimus sends Bumblebee on a secret mission in the full trailer for Transformers 80s-set spin-off

Article Published on 24.09.2018

As you’d expect, a new Transformers movie trailer brings action aplenty, but things aren’t all as they seem. The first, full-length trailer for Bumblebee suggests that with the franchises’ sixth instalment we’re in for something a little different and fans are finally getting the film they’ve been waiting for. Winding back the clock to 1987, the trailer reveals a side of Cybertron we’ve never seen before, showcases some genuinely heartfelt companionship between the robots and our human hero that feels very Spielberg, and features your favourite Autobots and Decepticons in their original style. Fans of the toys will delight in seeing Optimus Prime in his trademark get up as well as classic Transformers Shatter, Dropkick, and Soundwave making their big screen debuts. Bumblebee looks set to be a dramatic change of pace and direction for Transformers as Kubo And The Two Strings’ director Travis Knight brings new life to the tired franchise by going back to basics and reminding fans of what drew them to the cartoons and toys in the first place.


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