The Beginning Of The End

Still in tatters after the events of Civil War, the Avengers must reunite to battle the most dangerous enemy ever seen in the MCU.

Article Published on 12.04.2018

16 movies. 10 years. A cinematic universe totalling 1 day, 9 hours, and 52 minutes - all leading to this. Thanos.

The biggest bad in the entire Marvel universe, the "Mad Titan" has God-like strength and limitless intelligence. And he’s arriving on Earth to retrieve the final Infinity Stones, which will grant him the power to reshape reality itself.

The world is hopelessly unprepared. Winter Soldier saw SHIELD revealed as a Hydra faction, and Civil War tore the Avengers asunder. Working alone, the first brave heroes who try to stop him are crushed. Earth’s mightiest warriors must reunite - or be destroyed.

Every headline hero from the last ten years is confirmed to return. At full roster, more than 50 Marvel characters stand ready to fight - by far the most superpowered movie in history.

At the heart of this culmination of a decade-long franchise is Thanos’ destructive power, which means the MCU as we know it will cease to exist. It is widely expected that several high-profile heroes will meet their end by his hand. And with so many actors now falling out of contract, this could be the last chance to see your favourite Avengers.

The Mad Titan

  • Thanos has been behind much of the strife in the MCU, including Loki’s invasion of New York, and the Infinity Stone conflict in Guardians Of The Galaxy.
  • In the comic books, his rise to "big bad" status began in 1991, with the Infinity Gauntlet series, in which he killed almost every Marvel hero in the universe.
  • He is the last of the Eternals, gods from the beginning of time.
  • Bionically enhanced from birth, he is now the most powerful Eternal in history - stronger than the Hulk and with genius-level intelligence.
  • He is father to Gomora and Nebula from Guardians Of The Galaxy.
  • Thanos’ name is a modification of the ancient Greek word "Thanatos" who was the personification of death.

Avengers: Infinity War

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