Annabelle Comes Home New Trailer

Annabelle teams up with a terrifying new demon in the new trailer for Annabelle Comes Home

Article Published on 29.05.2019

The trailer joins Ed and Lorraine Warren as they bring Annabelle into their home; keeping her safely contained under lock and key in their artefacts room. But when they go out for an evening and leave their daughter with a babysitter, things aren’t as safe as they thought. Daniela, a friend of Judy’s babysitter who is obsessed with the Warrens, begins snooping around the house before accidentally unleashing Annabelle. The creepy doll seeks to claim another soul and sets her sights on the Warren's daughter, Judy. But Annabelle isn’t the only worry for the trio. As the trailer reveals, Annabelle is a beacon for all evil spirits, and the new trailer introduces a new demon who has come to play: The Ferryman. Inspired by Charon from Greek mythology, people place coins on the eyes of the dead for him to transport to the land of the dead…only it isn’t only the deceased he takes to the afterlife.

Annabelle Comes Home