Thor: Ragnarok Debut Teaser

The first teaser for Thor: Ragnarok has arrived! And yes we are entertained!

Article Published on 24.05.2017

After the Marvel universe’s latest all-powerful villain, the ruthless Hela (portrayed by the devastating Cate Blanchett), destroys his mighty hammer Mjolnir, Marvel’s golden-haired god is revealed as we’ve never seen him before. Enslaved, shaved, and forced into gladiatorial garb, GladiaThor is pitted against his fellow Avenger: The Incredible Hulk. But this is no friendly reunion as Hulk and Thor do battle in a dramatic final shot that echoes Rocky v Apollo.

With its vibrant colours, retro, peculiar aliens, fourth wall breaking, and legendary 70's rock soundtrack, the Thor: Ragnarok trailer is a dramatic tonal shift from the previous Thor films but Marvel fans remain in familiar territory. As the Marvel cinematic universe continues its expansion towards the inevitable rendezvous with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor Ragnorak appears to be the film that will be first to bridge the gap between the two.

Thor: Ragnarok

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