The Secret Garden Teaser

The producer of Harry Potter and Paddington takes you back to your childhood with the teaser for their take on The Secret Garden

Article Published on 17.09.2019

The first look at the new take on the timeless classic children’s novel reveals the time period has shifted forward from the turn of the century to 1947 post-war Britain on the eve of the Partition in India and introduces ten-year-old girl Mary Lennox as she arrives in England to her new home following the death of her parents. Under the care of her dishevelled uncle Lord Archibald Craven (Colin Firth) and firm-handed head housekeeper Mrs Medlock (Julie Walters) Mary still struggles to come to terms with her loss. As she explores the manor, she begins to uncover family secrets, meets her sickly cousin Colin (Edan Hayhurst) who is sheltered in a wing of the house, and discovers a magical key that unlocks a wondrous secret garden hidden to the grounds of Misselthwaite Manor. Together in this magical place of adventure, the two cousins let their imaginations run wild and are able to heal and find their lives changes forever.

The Secret Garden

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