Back In Black

Bruce is back on high alert as the Joker unleashes a Gotham crime wave. Luckily there’s a new addition to the Wayne family to join the fight.

Article Published on 06.02.2017

Now that Ben Affleck has donned the Dark Knight’s cape in DC Comics’ cinematic universe, audiences are once again confronted with a muscular and tortured Batman who pulls no punches. With the upcoming Justice League movie already appearing to re-establish director Zack Snyder’s signature moody visuals and penchant for bombastic action, a more easygoing – and dare we say, comedic – adventure will be welcomed by cinemagoers in need of comic book breather.

Luckily the Batman we know and love from 2014’s The Lego Movie has returned, although everything is certainly not awesome. After accidentally adopting a young orphan, Lego Batman is forced to venture out of the shadows and ditch his lone vigilante shtick. However, starting a family isn’t easy when your archenemy is threatening to plunge your city into chaos. With the Joker running rampant through Gotham, Lego Batman must unite old friends and new family to take back the streets.

Charming, irreverent, and filled with enough cheeky Batman references to fill a bright yellow utility belt, The Lego Batman Movie will prove that you should always be yourself…unless of course, you can be Batman.

Under The Cowl

Will Arnett – Lego Batman
Comedian Will Arnett slips back into the Batsuit and other ravishing outfits to provide the gruff tones of the funniest Batman since Val Kilmer.

Zach Galifianakis – The Joke
Despite finding fame as The Hangover’s loveable Alan, Galifianakis swaps the shades for a bright purple suit. Stepping into the Joker’s shoes is never easy, especially when they’re made of Lego.

Michael Cera – Dick Grayson
Newly adopted by Batman, Grayson may be the secret weapon in Batman’s epic showdown with Gotham’s criminals. Can Cera unleash some vocal acrobatics?

Rosaria Dawson – Barbara Gordon
Fresh from Netflix’s Daredevil, Dawson is back beside our beloved superhero, this time with a secret identity that could prove crucial in the fight.

The Lego Batman Movie

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman.CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE