The Black Phone Trailer

Ethan Hawke stars in the terrifying trailer for Scott Derrickson’s return to horror that shows why you should never talk to strangers.

Article Published on 27.04.2022

Partnering again with the biggest name in modern horror, Blumhouse, writer/director Scott Derrickson returns to his sinister roots with a new horror thriller featuring Ethan Hawke in the most terrifying role of his career. The brand-new trailer gives a better look at the four-time Oscar-nominee's horrifying performance as a malevolent serial killer who targets children. We witness Mason Thames' Finney Shaw becoming the latest victim of Hawke's villain as he's lifted form the streets and locked in a basement with only a mattress, a disconnected black phone, and the occasional creepy visit from his captor for company. Things take a turn for the supernatural when the phone rings and it's all of the killer's previous victims calling. Guided by those who suffered before, Finney sets out to escape this nightmare. Can he make it out alive? Find out by answering the call when The Black Phone arrives in cinemas on June 24.

The Black Phone

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