Rebels Without A Cause

Welcome to the Vandals, a club for leather-clad outsiders who live for the bare-knuckled thrill of motorcycles. But what happens when the good times turn to violence and criminality in this gritty drama?

Article Published on 01.03.2024

Words Charlotte Blacklock

The sixties was the golden age for motorcycle riders, making it the perfect backdrop for this furious tale. Headstrong Kathy recounts her time as a member of the Vandals and the reckless evolution of the club. Amongst this grease-covered crew, she meets her husband, Benny, a rebellious rider who lives for the rumbling of bikes and the respect of their unfaltering leader, Johnny.

Kathy wrestles to tame Benny’s wild nature as she watches him get sucked into a more sinister and dangerous side of Johnny’s gang. Jeff Nichols’ ode to the sixties subculture of bikeriders takes a turn from Easy Rider to Goodfellas, leaving the characters at a crossroads as they make choices about their loyalty to the Vandals.

Expect an acting masterclass all round as Jodie Comer’s Kathy tells the tale in a flawless Midwestern accent. Austin Butler swaps his blue suede shoes for bike leathers for a smouldering performance reminiscent of James Dean, while Tom Hardy has the air of a Marlon Brando, leading this revved-up pack as Johnny. We can’t wait for this trio to don their leathers and speed into view.

Live To Ride

The Great Escape

It doesn't get much more iconic than Steve McQueen attempting to avoid Nazi capture by launching a bike into a sixty-foot jump. Although he gets snagged on barbed wire, it remains one of the coolest motorbike scenes in cinema history.

Easy Rider

Arguably the ultimate motorbike film. Peter Fonda's Wyatt and Dennis Hopper's Billy set the pace for making motorbike culture cool as they ride across America. These freewheeling bad boys became icons of noncomformity.

Mission: Impossible

In classic Tom Cruise fashion, Ethan Hunt keeps his cool while riding his bike at pule-racing speeds into oncoming traffic. No stranger to motorbike chases or stunts, he wields the roaring engine to get out of the trickiest spots.

The Bikeriders

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