Rambo: Last Blood Poster And Trailer

Rambo is back and out for more revenge as Stallone's action icon makes his last stand

Article Published on 31.05.2019

Anything Arnie can do, Sly can do better! Before the time-travelling T-800 fulfils his promise of being back in Terminator: Dark Fate this October, September sees Sylvester Stallone returning as John Rambo for one last violent chapter. Almost four decades on from drawing first blood, the vengeance-seeking Vietnam veteran is back in action once as he once again confronts his past to unearth the combat skills to exact revenge in a deadly final mission. The action-packed trailer, set to a muscular remake of everyone’s current earworm Old Town Road, brings one of the greatest action heroes of all time out of retirement and back to his best as he takes down hordes of enemies singlehandedly, sets even deadlier traps, and, of course, blows up jeeps with a bow and arrow.

Rambo: Last Blood

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