Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!

Go back to where it all began with a special two-day event that celebrates one of the most beloved friendships in popular culture.

Article Published on 01.11.2017

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! is a brand new feature film that offers a unique retelling of Ash and Pikachu’s fateful meeting, their iconic friendship, and incredible adventures. As they embark on a quest to find the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, the duo will meet a few familiar faces as well as a host of new characters including Verity and Sorrel who will be replacing Brock and Misty as the trainers who accompany the pair on their epic journey that also sees them encounter a mysterious new mythical Pokemon called Marshadow. New challenges, epic battles, and a whole heap of adventures await.

And as a bonus for diehard fans, those who attend the November 5 and 6 screenings will receive a never-before-seen, limited edition trading card that is being given away as long as supplies last.

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!

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