Operation Mincemeat Trailer

Colin Firth concocts a plan to trick Hitler in the trailer for a stranger-than-fiction story from the Second World War.

Article Published on 05.10.2021

The first look at the forthcoming film that tells the extraordinary true story of the outrageous scheme that turned the tide of the Second World War places us in the midst of the conflict, with the Allied forces on the eve of an attack on German-occupied Europe. Only, the enemy know the plan is to attack Sicily. So, in order to throw the Germans off of the scent, intelligence officers Ewen Montagu and Charles Cholmondeley cook up a dissinformation plan that’s so crazy, it might just work. As the trailer spells out, the plan is to make the Germans believe Greece is the intended target by planting false documents on a dead body and floating it into Hitler’s hands. As the trailer takes us through the process of planning, pitching, and pulling off this scheme, we’re also introduced to the ensemble cast that’s been assembled to bring this extraordinary war story to the big screen. Colin Firth’s Ewen Montagu is very much the star of the show, but the trailer highlights all of the individuals key to the mission’s success including Matthew Macfadyen’s Charles Cholmondeley, Johnny Flynn as fellow intelligence officer and James Bond creator Ian Fleming, and Kelly Macdonald as a secretary who plays her part in the plan by posing as the dead man’s wife. There’s also a glimpse of Jason Isaac’s sceptical senior officer, Penelope Wilson’s Hester Leggett, and Simon Russell Beale who rounds out a high calibre cast with his robust performance as Winston Churchill. Operation Mincemeat is coming to cinemas on January 14.

Operation Mincemeat

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