Mother! Official Trailer

The full-length trailer we were promised has arrived, along with some creepy uninvited guests

Article Published on 08.08.2017

Paramount’s entire marketing campaign has been one big tease and while the new trailer remains stingy on details it offers something we can finally get our teeth into. We see Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem’s unsettling relationship and Ed Harris and Michelle Pfieffer’s as the unwelcome guests who interrupt their seemingly tranquil existence. With a haunting score, moody atmosphere, and dark, delicious suspense, mother! conjures memories of Black Swan as a similarly hypnotic, high concept horror. Between Lawrence’s screaming descent into paranoia, Bardem’s frightening mystery, Pfieffer’s chilling stares, blood-streaked walls, and a whole heap of creepiness, the trailer is loaded with dread and has us completely sold on a psychological thriller that’s vintage Aronofsky.


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