Malignant Trailer

Nightmares come to life in the terrifying trailer for the new horror from the director of Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring.

Article Published on 22.07.2021

After flirting with big action blockbusters, Aquaman and Fast & Furious 7, the architect of modern cinema’s scariest horror franchises James Wan returns to his roots with an original horror thriller that looks scarier than anything he’s conjured before. The trailer introduces us to Annabelle Wallis’ Madison, who think she’s suffering from seriously scary visions of grisly murders only to discover that these waking dreams are a living nightmare. Not only is she witnessing the murders as they happen, the mysterious evil presence that is committing these killings was once her imaginary friend who goes by the name Gabriel. And every victim brings him closer to a murderous reunion with Madison. Discover just what Gabriel is and if Madison will survive when Malignant comes to cinemas on September 8.


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